Background Verified®

Easy Job Candidate Validation

Background Verified® is a pre-employment background investigation for Job Seekers.
Candidates can order their background checks directly from CIS or our partner Specialists (Recruiters, Agencies, Career Coaches, Counsellors and Resume Writers) in the business of facilitating employment opportunities for Job Seekers. This benefits the Job Candidate, Employment Specialist and Employer.

Obtaining a Background Verified® Report

is simple by following these 3 easy steps



Determine which inquiries best suit the Candidate’s needs based on services offered.



CIS performs Background Verified® inquiries and provides an unbiased background check.



Share the details of the report with the Candidate and/or their prospective employers.

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A few things we’re great at…

As your trusted third-party service provider, our Background Verified® Reports are accurate and unbiased.


All Canada wide criminal record checks are conducted through CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) and are based on name(s) and date of birth. Results provide existing adult criminal charges for which a record suspension (formerly known as a Pardon) has NOT been granted. (US checks available)


Education verification serves to verify the applicant’s highest level of education directly from the Registrar, Student Record Offices or Authorized Data Sources.
It serves to reveal fraudulent documents (transcripts/diplomas) and misrepresentations of facts.
It exposes candidates who by all description unaccredited. (International checks available)


A Canadian Credit Bureau inquiry provides you with an applicant’s address and employment history, credit worthiness, an indication of legal items, bankruptcies and collections registered against the candidate. The Credit Inquiry serves to indicate the candidate’s fiscal responsibility and debt load.


Trained in behavioural interviewing techniques, your candidate’s references confirm and share their experience regarding performance, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and past disciplinary issues. Questions asked are focussed on your candidate’s past history in order to predict their future performance. Results are unbiased, unvarnished and accurate.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

CIS and Background Verified® has gone above and beyond our expectations. The quality of their background checks is superior, identifying potential issues that other companies may have missed.

If I have a question, I know I can look forward to speaking with a person and not an automated service, who will always follow through on an inquiry. They obviously place customer
satisfaction as their top priority.
I appreciate that every interaction is
handled with a personal-touch.

Mary Whitaker

Career Consultant
Rite Careers

I’ve had the pleasure of working with CIS and Background Verified® for many years and the experience has been nothing less than wonderful.

The operations team is extremely friendly and always accommodating to our company needs. They are unbiased and quick in their responses and their help makes many aspects of our job seamless.

Angela Bastien 

Corporate Human Resources Manager
Spencer//Butcher Group

In our industry, the ability to obtain the best employment background screening reports is critical.

With CIS, Background Verified®, their reports are high quality and their turnaround times are better than promised. We deliver superior customer service every day, so we expect the same from our vendors.

Their service level is exceptional and they have very competitive costs.

Bonnie Macklin 

Director of Recruitment Solutions
CALiBRE Recruitment

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